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Al Shafar Group is a leading company in the United Arab Emirates, in the field of Construction, Real Estate, General Trading, Aviation, Electro Mechanic works, Foundation Engineering, Marble & Granite Supply, Signage, interior decoration, Steel Fabrication, Consulting and Designing and Pharmacy and Plays an excellent role in shaping Dubai as a world leader in business.

Al Shafar Group was established in Dubai under the dream of the leadership of Ahmed Al Shafar and has made a significant to the developed of this exciting and vibrant cosmopolitan city of Dubai. Al Shafar Group is an integral part of Dubai’s plan of establishing itself as the capital of the commercial, trading and tourism industries.

The Al Shafar Group has worked closely with the ruling family is proud to be and will continue to stand as a pillar of Dubai's success since its humble beginning in 1960 and later with dynamic leadership of Shafar who took over the reins in 1968, the Al Shafar Group has made a significant contribution to the development of this exciting & vibrant cosmopolitan city of Dubai. Today Dubai has a lot to tank the distinguished Al Shafar Group for. 

At present there are 26 Companies working under the business umbrella of Al Shafar Group with over 7500 employees whose dedication in various fields contribute to Dubai’s phenomenal business growth.

Our history has inspired our future! We will always take inspiration from our past as we take on new challenges that will continue to spiral Dubai to unprecedented heights.